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USA 11th Edition Rules All Games for pools A and B are played to 13 on Sat. Pools C and D on Sat. are played to 15. All games to 15 after pool play. Timeouts: 1/half + 1 floater. No timeouts during caps. Caps: Soft cap (one horn): Add two to the higher score after the point and play to that. Hard cap (two horns): Finish the point. If it’s tied, play one more. If not, game over. Determining the pool finishes in case of a tie: 1. Record 2. Point differential-between the tied teams 3. Fewest points allowed 4. Most points scored 5. Coin flip TD Phone Number: Nick ‘Alamo’ Smith- (310) 291-0777 At the end of each round, text all scores all weekend in the following format: (Winning Team)(Score) – (Losing Team) (Score)