Account Management
  • There will be 15 minutes from the end of soccer until the beginning of frisbee.  This should hopefully allow games to start on time.
  • All games will run off the large scoreboard clock.  Game times are:
    • 30 minute half
    • 5 minute half time
    • 10 minutes between games
  • Gender ratio will rotate 3 men 2 women / 3 women 2 men at half.  Up to teams which ratio you pick for which half.   
    • If both captains agree, this ratio/switch can be altered, but it is set as the tournament rule.  If only one captain wants to do something different, tournament rule supersedes. 
  • Stall is 7  
  • Walls are in, nets are out.  Back of goal (physically in the soccer goal) is out to discourage players from attempting dangerous plays.  
  • Subbing is on the fly and the two players must slap hands at the bench area before the new sub enters play.  Please keep the bench doors closed except when subbing.  
  • You score a goal by catching the disc in the square soccer goal box.  Once you score, put the disc down immediately and the other team can pick up and play.  If the disc is turned (or scored) in the goal box, the offense may walk the disc to the front of the box.  You do not need to "check" the disc back if the disc is turned near a goal box (callahans are allowed).  
  • All other USAU rules apply.  
    • Keva has asked people to leave in the past and threatened to call cops.  Please don't do it.

As mentioned previously, we'll have gear for sale.  I'll also bring a goalty kit that teams can use during their bye on the courts so bring tennis shoes if you want to play.