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Competition Group Applicable Rounds Half Time (points) Half Time Cap (min) Hard Cap
Time (min)
All  All 6 30  65 2/game
No fixed point total.  Game is to 65 min.
No TO in last 5 min- once in 60th min, cannot take TO.
Hard Cap (65 min) disc is dead upon 65 min, unless tied.   If tied, play out the point.   
Coaches should check smartphone synchronization at the beginning of the game for official time.
 Half-time cap - if at 30 min 6 has not been reached --> "halftime soft cap"
     - finish the point and add one.   That is the new halftime point total.
     - take the "half" once that total is reached
     - Halftime is zero time -- normal 90 seconds between points.
     - Team that did not pull the first half pulls the second half from the pulling end