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USA Ultimate College Regular Season Guidelines
All games to 15 unless capped.
The two and three finishers in each pool will play a crossover game for entry into the Championship Bracket.
Determining finishes in case of a tie in Pool Play Results will be determined using:
2.Point differential among teams in the tie
3.Point differential against the rest of the pool
4.Total points scored
5.Coin flip
Start of round: 1 horn
Soft cap: 2 horns
Hard cap: 3 horns
Caps Soft cap: Add two to the higher score after the point and play to that. Game is no longer win by 2.
Hard cap: Finish the point. If it's tied, play one more. If not, game over.
This event is sanctioned by USA Ultimate- visit this link for more information regarding rostering your team for this event: