Account Management
  • Games are played to 13, win by 2, hard point cap at 15 points.

  • Halftime is at 7 points and can last up to 10 minutes long.

  • Two timeouts per team per half. Timeouts are no longer than 70 seconds long.

  • Rounds are 105 mins. long.

  • Game duration is 85 minute hard cap time.

  • Hard cap is 20 mins. before end of each round.

  • If hard cap goes off during the game, please finish the current point and the game is then over. If the game is tied during the hard cap point, overtime commences and you play Universe Point.

  • MIXED DIVISION: We will be implementing the WFDF Mixed Gender Ratio Rule B this year. Gender ratio (4:3 or 3:4) will be dictated based on endzones, not offense.