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Pool A will have their first two games on the tuft fields (Fields 1 and 2) and then move to the grass fields (Fields 5 and 6)

Pool B will have all five games on the turf fields (Fields 3 and 4)


All games will be played on the turf fields (Fields 1, 2, 3 and 4)


Use UPA 11th ed. rules with the following modifications:

  • Saturday games are to played to 13
    • Rounds are 1:30 minutes
    • Point cap is at 15
    • Half reached when first team scores 7 points
  • Sunday games are played to 15
    • Rounds are 1:45
    • Point cap is at 17
    • Half reached when first team scores 8 points
  • Soft cap goes off 15 minutes before the round ends (75 minutes into Sat. games, 90 minutes into Sun. games) play to the highest score plus 2, win by 2.
  • Hard cap will be 5 minutes before the end of the round (85 minutes into Sat. games, 100 minutes into Sun. games). Finish the point, unless the end of the point results in a tie, in which case one more point will be played to determine the outcome universe point.


  • One per half
  • No timeouts during caps (hard or soft)



  • One (1) horn will signal the start of the round
  • Two (2) horns will signal soft cap
  • Three (3) horns will signal hard cap

Reporting Scores:

  • Please report scores as soon as possible
  • They can be reported at Tourney Central or can be texted to the TD (see captain's packet)
  • These need to be submitted before you leave the fields at the end of your day



  • Due to unfortunate unforeseen circumstances we sadly will not be having any observers for either Saturday or Sunday