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Pool & Bracket Play:
Games to 13, win by 2
Round length 110 mins
Soft cap 75 mins
Hard cap 95 mins
1 timeout per half + 1 floater
Timeouts allowed in soft AND hard cap
Half-time is 10 minutes.
Overtime is defined when two teams are tied at one less than the game total BEFORE any cap (10-10 in a game to 11, 12-12 in a game to 13, 14-14 in a game to 15). You must still win by two points in overtime unless the point cap is reached first. Teams have 1 timeout in overtime regardless of whether any timeouts remain from regulation. Ignore soft and hard cap if overtime occurs.
Soft cap:
Finish the current point, then add two to the higher score and play to that. Waiting on the line is part of the current point. Timeouts are allowed in soft cap provided you have remaining timeouts from regulation. A win will result when the first of the following occurs:
A) reach the original game total (13) AND win by 2 first
B) reach the new point cap first
C) Hard cap due to time
Example: In a game that is 12-10 immediately after soft cap goes off, originally to 13, the point cap is now 14.
A)        If team A scores 13-10, game is over.
B)        If team B makes a comeback to 12-12, then play to 14.
C)        Or you go to hard cap due to time
Hard cap:
Finish the current point. If tied, play one more point. If not tied, team with more points wins. Timeouts are allowed in hard cap provided you have remaining timeouts from regulation.