Account Management
Saturday - games to 13 (win by 2 until cap)
Sunday - games to 15 (win by 2 until cap)
All rounds - 120 mins; soft cap @ 80 mins, hard cap @ 100 mins.
Soft cap - finish the point and add 2 to the highest score; play to that (or the original game ending score, whichever comes first).
Hard cap - finish the point; game is over unless tied, then play one more point.
Timeouts & Overtime:
2 TOs per half. Caps do not affect timeouts.
Overtime is when the game is tied at one point less than the original game ending score (e.g. in a game to 15, overtime occurs when the score is 14-14). 
In overtime, each team has 1 timeout, regardless of how many have been used previously.