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TCT Elite-Select Challenge 2015 (Oshadega Invite)

City: Hilliard
Date: 7/11/2015 - 7/12/2015
State: OH
Men's Division Schedule
Mixed Division Schedule
Women's Division Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Event hashtag: #TCTESC
Men's Division
Finish Team City, ST  
1 2014TCT HighFive High Five* Ann Arbor, MI
2 2013TCT Machine Machine* Chicago, IL
3   Patrol Philadelphia, PA
4 2013TCT DW Doublewide Austin, TX
5 2013TCT Sockeye Sockeye Seattle, WA
6 2013TCT FloridaUnited Florida United Jacksonville, FL
7   Garden State Princeton, NJ
8 2014TCTLogos PrairieFire Prairie Fire Kansas City, KS
9 2014TCT MadisonClub Madison Club Madison, WI
10 2013TCT SubZero Sub Zero Minneapolis, MN
11 2014TCT Inception Inception Denver, CO
12   Sprawl Phoenix, AZ
13 2013TCT Plex Plex Dallas, TX
14 2014TCT Garuda Garuda Boston, MA
15   Powderhogs Salt Lake City, UT
16 2014TCT Omen Omen Orlando, FL
Mixed Division
Finish Team City, ST  
1 2014TCTLogos CosaNostra Cosa Nostra* Austin, TX
2 2014TCT Noise NOISE* Madison, WI
3 2013TCT AMP AMP Philadelphia, PA
4 2014TCT Steamboat Steamboat Cincinnati, OH
5   7Express New York, NY  
6 2013TCT AmbiguouslyGrey Ambiguous Grey Washington, DC
7 2014TCT PleasureTown Pleasuretown Somerville, MA
8 2013TCT 7Figures 7 Figures Los Angeles, CA
9   RUA Fayetteville, AR
10   Des Moines Metro Des Moines, IA  
11 2015TCT_Tyrannis 
Charlottesville, VA
12 2015TCT_Thoroughbred Thoroughbred St. Louis, MO
13   Prion Champaign, IL
The Administrators Portland, OR
15  2015TCT_Ursidae Ursidae Portland, ME  
16   Omerta Chicago, IL  
Women's Division
Finish Team  City, ST  
1 2014TCTLogos MollyBrown Molly Brown Denver, CO
2 2014TCTLogos Capitals Capitals* Toronto, ON
3  2015TCT_Iris Iris* Quebec
4 2013TCT Bent Bent New York, NY



Raleigh, NC

6 2014TCTLogos Underground Underground Seattle, WA
7 2013TCT HotMetal Hot Metal Pittsburgh, PA

8   Viva Los Angeles, CA

9 2013TCT GreenMeansGo Green Means Go Philadelphia, PA
10 2014TCTLogos Nemesis Nemesis Chicago, IL
11 2013TCT Pop Pop Minneapolis, MN

12 2014TCTLogos TabbyRosa Tabby Rosa Gainesville, FL
13   Rival    
14   Encore Nashville, TN
15   Maeve Dallas, TX

16  2013TCT Dish Dish Chicago, IL
* qualifies for Pro Flight Finale. Molly Brown already had qualified, so the bid goes down to Iris.
This event is part of the 2015 Club Regular Season:

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
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The Elite-Select Flight Challenge is one of the major events of the 2015 Triple Crown Tour, with bid priority going to Elite Flight and Top Select teams.

2015 Triple Crown Tour

  USopenGENERIC   U.S. Open   July 2-5  
3xCrownEliteFlightIcon 75x63 3xCrownSelectFlightIcon 50x50
  Elite-Select Challenge   July 11-12  
3xCrownProFlightIcon 75x63
3xCrownEliteFlightIcon 75x63
  Pro-Elite Challenge   August 1-2  
  3xCrownSelectFlightLogo 602x397   Select Flight Invite   August 15-16  
  3xCrownProFlightLogo 602x397   Pro Flight Finale   August 22-23  

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This event is part of the 2015 USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour
Health, Safety and Liability Requirements - Please make sure to understand, follow, and communicate/share these requirements with all participants.
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