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TCT Pro Flight Finale 2015

City: Blaine
Date: 8/22/2015 - 8/23/2015
State: MN
Men Schedule
Mixed Schedule
Women Schedule

This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.
Men's Champion:  Revolver (San Francisco, CA)
Mixed Champion: 2014TCTLogos CLX Chad Larson Experience (Ames, IA)
Women's Champion: 2014TCTLogos BruteSquadBrute Squad (Boston, MA)
Event hashtag: #TCTPFF
Men's Division Teams
  Team City, ST  
2013TCT Bravo Johnny Bravo Denver, CO  
2013TCT Ironside Ironside Boston, MA
2013TCT GOAT GOAT Toronto, ON
2013TCT RingOfFire Ring of Fire Raleigh, NC
Revolver San Francisco, CA
2013TCT Bravo Rhino Portland, OR
2013TCT Chain Chain Lightning Atlanta, GA
2014TCT TruckStop Truck Stop Washington, DC
2014TCT High Five High Five Ann Arbor, MI
2014TCT Machine Machine Chicago, IL
Mixed Division Teams
  Team City, ST  
Drag'n Thrust Minneapolis, MN  
2014TCTLogos CLX Chad Larson Experience Ames, IA
Wild Card JPEG Wild Card Boston, MA
2013TCT Mischief Mischief San Francisco, CA
2013TCT Blackbird Blackbird San Francisco, CA
2013TCT AMP AMP Philadelphia, PA
2013TCT SlowWhite Slow White Boston, MA
2013TCT Polar Bears Polar Bears San Francisco, CA
  Cosa Nostra Austin, TX
Steamboat Cincinnati, OH
Women's Division Teams
  Team City, ST  
2014TCTLogos Scandal Scandal Washington, DC  
2013TCT Fury Fury San Francisco, CA
2014TCTLogos BruteSquad Brute Squad Boston, MA
2014TCTLogos Riot Riot Seattle, WA 
Ozone Atlanta, GA
2013TCT Showdown Showdown Austin, TX
2014TCT Nightlock Nightlock San Francisco, CA
2014TCTLogos MollyBrown Molly Brown Denver, CO
  Nemesis Chicago, IL
Viva Los Angeles, CA
Site Rules:
  • No Alcohol
  • No Tobacco
  • No Glass
  • No Weapons
  • No Abusive Language
  • Observe parking restrictions and handicap/staff spots.
  • Dogs must be leashed.
  • Spectators and equipment must stay at least 5 yards away from sidelines! Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least 5 yards.
  • Trash and Recycling – Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash cans.
This event is part of the 2015 Club Regular Season:

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
Field Map:
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The Pro Flight Finale is one of the major events of the 2015 Triple Crown Tour, with bid priority going to the pro flight teams.

- Soft cap at 70 minutes / Hard cap at 90 minutes
- 30 minutes between hard cap and start of next round
- All games to 13, point-cap at 15
- 2 timeouts per half, 1 timeout per team in overtime (12-12)

- 5 rounds of pool play (9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm)
- The women's showcase game is offset by 30 minutes during round 5, beginning at 5:30pm
- The last hard cap horn goes on at 7pm Saturday night.

Round 1 - 8:30-10:00
- Pre-semis (2 vs 3 seeds from pool play) / 7th Semis (4 vs. 5 seeds from pool play)
Round 2 - 10:30-12:00
- Semis, 5th, and 7th place games
Round 3 - 12:30-2:00
- 3rd and 9th place games, Women's and Mixed Finals
Round 4 - 2:30-4:00
- Men's final
Live Streaming Schedule

Watch LIVE on
Saturday, August 22
9:00 AM: Boston Brute Squad v. Washington DC Scandal (W)
1:00 PM: Portland Rhino v. Toronto GOAT (M)
3:00 PM: Chicago Machine v. Raleigh Ring of Fire (M)
5:00 PM: San Francisco Fury v. Denver Molly Brown (W)
Sunday, August 23
8:30 AM: Women’s Semis Play-In
10:30 AM: Men’s Semifinal
12:30 PM: Women’s Final
2:30 PM: Men’s Final

All times EDT.

2015 Triple Crown Tour

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  Elite-Select Challenge   July 11-12  
3xCrownProFlightIcon 75x63
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  Pro-Elite Challenge   August 1-2  
  3xCrownSelectFlightLogo 602x397   Select Flight Invite   August 15-16  
  3xCrownProFlightLogo 602x397   Pro Flight Finale   August 22-23  

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This event is part of the 2015 USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour
Health, Safety and Liability Requirements - Please make sure to understand, follow, and communicate/share these requirements with all participants.
Youth Participation Requirements - These requirements must be followed for any event that involves a participant under the age of 18. This includes the requirement for a rostered chaperone.
Rostering Requirements - All event participants must be rostered through the USA Ultimate rostering system in order to participate. These instructions explain how to register teams and complete event rosters.
If you have questions, please contact the respective Club Coordinator for this event.