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  • USA Ultimate Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition
    • Modifications: 20-yard end zones; "contact" marking violation call
  • All games to 15, point cap at 17.
  • Halftime is 10 minutes.
  • Each team has two timeouts per half.
  • Regardless of how many timeouts a team has used before overtime, during overtime, each team has one timeout.
  • Overtime: A game is in overtime if tied at one point less than original game total (e.g., in a game to 15 goals, overtime occurs when the score reaches 14-14).
  • Soft time cap: Goes on 20 minutes before the hard cap. Add two points to the higher score after first score after soft time cap. Game ends when first team reaches new game total or when first team reaches 15 or more ahead by at least two points, whichever comes first.
  • Hard time cap: Goes on at end of round time on schedule. Game is over at the end of the point in progress, unless tied. If tied, play one more point.
  • Cap does not affect timeouts.
  • Hard caps will not be used for the semifinals and finals.