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Saturday Games:
Rounds are 105 min.
Soft/Hard cap times = 75/95 min
Point cap = Games to 13
One timeout per half plus a floater. Caps do not affect timeouts.
Sunday Games:
On the second day, the top two teams in each pool advance to bracket play (4-team double elimination bracket). The other five teams play a five-team pool play completion from two pools. Teams carry their results against the teams in their pool into the second day, and will only play teams from the other pool. The top two finishers in this pool of five advance, along with all four teams in the bracket. 
Rounds are 120 min.
Bracket play:
  • Games to 15
  • Soft/Hard cap times = 90/110 min
  • Two timeouts per half
Continued pool play (matches Saturday games):
  • Games to 13
  • Soft/Hard cap times = 75/95 min
  • One timeout per half plus a floater