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2019 U.S. Open Club Championship

City: Blaine
Date: 8/2/2019 - 8/5/2019
State: MN
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This event is currently set for Invite-Only registration.

ICC Spirit Scores

YCC Spirit Scores:


Site Rules

• No Alcohol except for what is offered at the NSC
• No Tobacco
• No Glass
• No Weapons
• No Abusive Language
• Observe Parking Restrictions and Handicap/Staff Spots
• Dogs Must be Leashed
• Spectators and equipment must stay at least five yards away from sidelines! Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least five yards.
• Trash and Recycling – Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash cans. 
Local Organizing Committee Staff
Tournament Director – Tyler Smith
Tournament Director Emeritus – Bruce Mebust
Volunteer Coordinator – Kristina Golling
Head Scorekeeper – Mike Helmecki
Scorekeeping Assistants – Cody Rondeau, Jeremiah Gagner, Adam Gatewood
Spirit of the Game Assistant – Brian Edgerton
Hospitality Coordinator – Barbara Thomas
Youth Programs Liaison – Tristan Grovander
Media Coordinator – Shawn Grund
Admissions Coordinator – Mike Kinsella
Minnesota Ultimate – Jake McKean
Headquarters Floater – Santiago Escobar
Medical Staff: Alex Senk, MD (Medical Director), Joseph Benert, MD, Ovuokerie Addoh, MD PhD, Micheala McCarthy, MD, John Casnovsky, DO, Brionn Tonkin, MD, Kersten Schwanz, Eric Twohey, Corey Wheelock
Observers: Jonah Shaver & Sam Shapiro (Head Observers), Alyne Azucena, Amy Kendziorski, Bill Bourret, Brian Bradburn, Carl Nelson, Chris Hazzi, Christopher Ries, Daniel Wong, Hank Cary, Jonathan Monforti, Josh Hemmesch, Linda Kudo, Mitch Dengler, Paddy Driscoll, Sebastian Miner, Steve Haynes, Steve Wang, Steven Ogdahl, Vincent Chang
ICC - Adult Club division:  8/2-4

Participating Teams (ICC - Adult division)

Women's Division Final Standings

Team Finish City, State/Country Flight
Brute Squad 1 Boston, MA Pro
Revolution 2 Medellin, Colombia International
Riot 3 Seattle, WA Pro
Scandal 4 Washington, D.C. Pro
Fury 5 San Francisco, CA Pro
HUCK 6 Tokyo, Japan International
Molly Brown 7 Denver, CO Pro
German Nat'l Team 8 Darmstadt, Germany International
Schwa 9 Portland, OR Pro
UNO 10 Nagoya, Japan International
Nightlock 11 San Francisco, CA Pro
Nemesis 12 Chicago, IL Elite
Mixed Division Final Standings
Final Standings Finish City, State/Country Flight
Drag'n Thrust 1 Minneapolis, MN Pro
Mixtape 2 Seattle, WA Pro
Snake Country 3 Boston, MA Pro
Mischief 4 San Francisco, CA Elite
AMP 5 Philadelphia, PA Pro
Space Heater 6 Washington, D.C. Pro
BFG 7 Seattle, WA Pro
Ellipsis 8 Melbourne, Australia International
Blackbird 9 San Francisco, CA Pro
Voltaje U.C. 10 Bucaramanga, Colombia International
CRAZY 11 Tokyo, Japan International
Chaos 12 Tokyo, Japan International
Men's Division Final Standings

Final Standings Finish City, State/Country Flight
Sockeye 1 Seattle, WA Pro
PoNY 2 New York, NY Pro
Truck Stop 3 Washington, D.C. Pro
Ring of Fire 4 Raleigh, NC Pro
Nomadic Tribe 5 Tokyo, Japan International
Sub Zero 6 Minneapolis, MN Pro
Revolver 7 San Francisco, CA Pro
Bunka Shutter Buzz Bullets 8 Tokyo, Japan International
Freaks 9 Huntsville, AL Select
Machine 10 Chicago, IL Elite
Comunidad el Oso 11 Bogota, Colombia International
MAKAWUA 12 Bogota, Colombia International


This event is part of the 2019 Club Regular Season:

YCC - Youth Club division:  8/3-5

Final Standings:


DiscNW Blossom Co-1st
AFDC rATLers Co-1st
WAFC DC Force Co-3rd
BADA Belly of the Beast Co-3rd
Triangle Kitty Hawks Co-5th
Minnesota MN Superior Co-5th
MUFA Madison MUFAbots Co-7th


Oregon Youth Ultimate Oregon Eruption! Co-1st
DiscNW DiscNW Horizon Co-1st
Triangle NC Hammer Co-3rd
Utah Utah Swarm  Co-3rd
AFDC ATLas Co-5th
Minnesota MN Superior Co-5th
BADA Aftershock 9th
Oakland Ultimate OAK Sparks 10th
WAFC Capitol Heights 11th
Toronto Elites Ultimate Wild 12th
PADA PADAwans 13th
AYU Colorado Cutthroat - U17 Boys 14th
UPLA Double Trouble 15th
Illinois Ultimate Chicago Storm 16th
Maine Ultimate Neap Tide 17th
Cincinatti Flying Piglet 18th
Dallas Ultimate Association Dallas Swing 19th
MUFA Madison MUFAbots 20th


DiscNW Bankroll Co-1st
Indiana Ultimate Foundation  INcognito  Co-1st
MUFA Madison MUFAbots Co-3rd
Connecticut Ultimate Club Connecticut Harpoon Co-3rd
Minnesota MN Superior Co-5th
Bluegrass Ultimate Pi+ Co-5th
Vermont Vermont Equinox Co-7th
BADA Happy Cows Co-7th
PADA Philly Forge 9th
Oregon Youth Ultimate Oregon Flood 10th
DiscNY Skyscrapers 11th
Maine Ultimate Rising Tide 12th
WAFC Swing Vote 13th
Iowa Ultimate Corn Saw 14th
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo United Forte  15th
New Hampshire Frostbite (NH) 16th
CMUA Maryland Blackout 17th
Columbus Sabers Co-18th
Milwaukee Ultimate Club Milwaukee Lake Effect Co-18th


Triangle Warhawks Co-1st
Maine Ultimate Rip Tide Co-1st 
WAFC DC Rogue Co-3rd
Colorado Cutthroat Colorado Cutthroat: U-20 Girls Co-5th
Oregon Youth Ultimate Oregon Downpour Co-5th
BADA California Current Co-7th
UPLA Texas Tango Co-7th
Utah Utah Swarm  9th
Valley Valley Ultimate Youth Summer League Co-11th
Minnesota MN Superior Co-11th
Cincinnati Belle 13th
Wisconsin Ultimate Marahute 14th
AFDC cATLanta 15th
Pittsburgh Moxie 16th
Tennessee Equi'Knox' 17th
Illinois Ultimate Hypnosis 18th
AFDC ATLiens Co-1st
Triangle Triforce Co-3rd
BADA Red Dawn Co-3rd
WAFC Foggy Bottom Boys Co-5th
Minnesota MN Superior Co-5th
Utah Utah Swarm Co-7th
Illinois Ulimtate Red Hots  Co-9th
Maine Ultimate Rising Tide Co-9th
Valley VUYCC (Valley) 11th
Charlotte Charlotte Flight 12th
DiscNY Lil' PoNY 13th
Colorado Cutthroat Colorado Cutthroat U20 Boys 14th
Dallas Ultimate Association Texas United 15th
Cincinatti Flying Pig 16th
Nashville Nashvillains Co-DII 1st
St. Louis STL Storm Co-DII 1st
Pittsburgh Impulse Co-DII 2nd
UPLA Texas Toast Co-DII 2nd
Oakland Ultimate smOAK DII - 5th
Albany Albany Anarchy DII - 6th
Neuqua Valley Ultimate Nightmare DII-7th

Event Type:
Sanctioned Tournament - Sanctioned Club Regular Season Tournament
Field Map:
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The U.S. Open Club Championships combines the Youth Club Championships (YCC) division, featuring the top youth club teams from around the nation, with the U.S. Open, one of the major events of the Triple Crown Tour, where bid priority goes to teams that finished 1st-8th at the prior National Championships, as well as to international teams in the International Club Championships (ICC) division.
2019 USA Ultimate National Organizers Convention

Thursday, August 1, 2019
In addition to the competition, an annual national organizers convention is also hosted alongside the overall event, featuring representatives from current Affiliate and State-Based Organizations as well as USAU staff program managers and directors. Registration is open to anyone interested in attending and connecting with organizers from around the nation.
2019 Convention Information ►
Youth Participation Requirements - These requirements must be followed for any event that involves a participant under the age of 18. YCC requirements include 2 rostered chaperones, 25 or older, and a certified coach for each team.

There will NOT be a Talent ID camp at YCC this year. 
Instead, we are holding 4 Regional Talent ID camps.  More information can be found here.

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Saturday, August 3
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
National Sports Center

Broadcast Schedule
Forty-six games will be available from the 2019 U.S. Open Club Championships.

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Tickets will be required for non-participants during the ICC semifinals and finals
on Saturday, August 3, and Sunday, August 4.