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All games to 15, cap 17.

 1 hr 30 min rounds. 

Sunday: 1 hr 45 min rounds.
Game Schedules (PDF)
Site Rules:
  Rules for the fields.  Make sure your teammates know and follow:  
• No pets
• No smoking on the premises (please help remind our visitors)
• No alcohol, drugs or firearms permitted on premises.
• No convicted sex offenders allowed on premises.
• No glass containers.
• No person shall engage in any sale of merchandise, services or operate any concessions without prior approval.
• Specific prior permission is required for decorations or alterations to fixtures, walls, etc. or posting of signs for the purpose of advertising or decorating that facility or for any other purpose without first having obtained the written permission of TCYSA.
• No firearms, air rifles, BB guns, spring guns, bow and arrows, slings or any other form of weapon dangerous to human safety are allowed on the facility grounds at any time.
• Follow all posted speed limit signs.
• All minors must be under adult supervision at all times.
• Mind your mouth (Foul or abusive language is not attractive, thus will not be tolerated). TCYSA reserves the right to remove, or have removed, any person(s) due to abusive conduct or a non-cooperative attitude.
• Pick up after yourself (and others). One piece of trash will promote the next. Please refrain from littering and go one step further by picking up after each other.
• Respect the decisions of the committee to protect the fields/facility.
• Treat these fields and facilities w1th the respect.
• Keep all vehicles off any grass surfaces (other than emergency or field maintenance vehicles)
• You and your team are responsible for the people on your sidelines and making sure they abide by these site rules.