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Youth Club Championships 2016

City: Blaine
Date: 8/12/2016 - 8/14/2016
State: MN
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This event is not accepting registration anymore.

Final Standings:

U-19 Boys' Division
1. TYUL Triforce
3t. Minnesota Superior A
3t. DiscNW - Seattle Inc.
5t. Cincinnati Flying Pig
5t. Boston BUDA
7t. Chicago U-19 Elite
7t. AFDC ATLiens
9. Texas Two Step
10. Bay Area Red Dawn
11. Colorado Cutthroat
12. Nashvillians YCC U19
13. Washington, DC Foggy Bottom Boys
14. Indiana INferno
15. NYC Little PoNY
16. Connecticut Insomnia
17. TYUL Carolina Sky
18. Pittsburgh Impulse
19. Houston Helix
20. Neuqua Valley Nightmare
21. Minnesota Superior 2
22. STL Storm
23. Iowa Cornsaw
24. Charlotte Flight
25. Maine Rising Tide
26. Colorado Cutthroat
27. Milwaukee Lake Effect
U-19 Girls' Division
1. DiscNW - Nimbus
2. Cincinnati Belle
3. Boston BUDA
4. TYUL Warhawks
5. Texas Tango
7. Pittsburgh Moxie
8. Minnesota Superior
9. Colorado Cutthroat
10. Maine Rip Tide
11. Neuqua Valley Daydream
12. Washington, DC Justice
13. AFDC cATLanta
U-16 Boys' Division
1. DiscNW - Bonzai
2. Atlanta ATLas
4. Bay Area Aftershock
5. Indiana INtensity
6. Minnesota Superior
7. TYUL NC Hammer
8. Chicago Deep Dish
9. Colorado Cutthroat
10. Nequa Valley Deja Vu
11. Maine Neap Tide
12. Cincinnati Flying Piglet
13. Pittsburgh Pulse
14. Charlotte Lucky PuNCs
15. Philadelphia Fusion
U-19 Mixed Division
1. Washington, DC Swing Vote
2. Bay Area Happy Cows
3. PHUEL Forge
4. DiscNW - Seattle Mix-a-lot
5. Oregon Flood
6. Maine Rising Tide
7. AFDC flATLine
8. Utah Swarm
9. Minnesota Superior
10. South Dakota U19 Mixed
11. Boston BUDA
12. PHUEL Forge 2
13. San Diego Powerline
14. NYC 7 Local
U-16 Girls' Division
1. DiscNW - Hydra
2. Maine Rip Tide
3. Cincinnati Belle
4. TYUL Kitty Hawks
5. Bay Area Belly of the Beast
6. Free Agents - Artemis
7. Minnesota Superior 




Site Rules 

No Alcohol

No Tobacco

No Glass

No Weapons

No Abusive Language

Observe Parking Restrictions and Handicap/Staff Spots

Dogs Must be Leashed

Spectators and equipment must stay at least 5 yards away from sidelines! Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Where there are not buffer lines, stay back at least 5 yards.

Trash and Recycling – Place recyclables in the recycling receptacles, and place trash in the trash cans. 


Tournament Director: Bruce Mebust

Volunteer Coordinator: Dana Jefferson

Event Manager: David Raflo, 719-219-8322 x 129

Manager, Competition and Athlete Programs: Connor Maloney,  719-219-8322 x 126

Coaching and Camp Questions:

Manager, Youth Education Programs: Dan Raabe,  719-219-8322 x 115

Media: Stacey Waldrup

Event Type:
Championship Tournament - National Championship Tournament
Field Map:
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